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First of its kind to bring authentic Vietnamese food to the world!

Tealux Cafe

A snack, meal or refreshment. Done right. At Tealux Café. 

Chase down this light and comforting sandwich with one of our signature bubble teas infused with fruits, jelly or chewy tapioca balls, to wash down all the goodness.

Since its inception, Tealux Café has quickly set the gold standard in the ever growing Bubble Tea and Banh Mi sandwiches café scene. We believe that our products’ undisputable popularity is owed to our time-tested recipes, the choicest of ingredients and the skills and curations of our experienced and expertly trained bakers, chefs and juicers. 

A Few Words About Us

Connecting souls, sowing happiness!

Bite into one of our Banh Mi sandwiches to enjoy the incredible crisp yet brittle texture that only bread baked the same morning can deliver. A burst of fresh Vietnamese staple ingredients then completes the rewarding experience that is to eat a Banh Mi.

Welcome to Tealux

Our Mission

To provide top quality and healthy food products and beverages to customers with affordable prices for all, whether in route to school, work or on the go!

Our Vision

Become an active part of our local community giving customers a fun place to enjoy their favorite boba tea and Vietnamese sandwiches!

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Our customers become regulars with our full line of assorted beverages and food options. They take out, dine in, order online for delivery or pickup. We also offer catering for events. Our menu is perfect for a snack, meal or just a refreshment, anytime of the day


Be a Part of Our Company

We're always looking for talents. We wanted to make sure our employees are our extended family members. We train, we help each other, we work and we laugh ALL TOGETHER!

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